Basic Web Development Course

IT industry has provided enormous job opportunities to web developers and will continue to do so in the future. In this scenario, there is no better option than the Basic Web Development course being offered by Brandians.

Starting from: January 2023

About this Course

In this course, you will learn every basic of web development from scratch. We will train you for Front-End development in the area of HTML, CSS, and also a glimpse of JavaScript. Usually, front-end developers play a key role in the creation of any website and possess high demand in the digital market of Pakistan. Our course is designed with every grammar function of coding to make you understand at best.

The demand for web development is very high around the globe so as in Pakistan in past years. The course is specially designed for students and youngsters to start their career in the Information Technology sector. You can also become self-employed and a freelancer to earn a sufficient amount to fulfill your expenses. We will guide you and prepare you for an interview along with hunting for the desired job.

Our WEB DEVELOPMENT Course is for Professionals

Web development is connected to internet marketing that uses websites to rank a product or service in the market. We are providing every essential online web development training and on-site options to the professionals to trial learning.

You will receive a certificate from Brandians after the completion of your course. If you are a student, it is very productive to learn about web development course in Karachi because it will help you in your job hunt and also provide you with a better way to start your business. If you are a professional, this will lead you toward the best career appraisal.

We have designed the course in recent updates of web platforms to pursue better outcomes for every learner. The training is the way forward to learning about the basics and stages of web coding and getting trained for success in your career.

Enroll in the course today to become the best website developer of the future!

Scope of Web Development

The fast pace of digital marketing has a huge influence on web development in the world, an important entity. Although search engine marketing is vital in the industry, most businesses benefit from Web Development. The philosophy behind everything is “be near to your customers” and the customers will become loyal with time.

Web platforms are vast with their infrastructure and can reach segmentize audiences around the globe in seconds. Target audience and target market were never so easy to reach before Web Development’s influence in the digital world. The good thing is that it is efficient and cost-effective in any type of marketing, especially B2C, as you are directly connected to the right customers through web portals.

In our Web Development course outline design, you will cover all aspects related to Website Development. Web Development helps every kind of business in terms of popularity to increase active audience to interact with different essences of information.

Course for Every Individual

We have professionally designed our course for housewives, students, small business owners, and especially entrepreneurs to attain their goals of income and better outcomes for the business. After learning this course, you can also start an online shop on Web Development to get a sufficient amount of profit to increase your running income. Our certification will help you in your early career and job hunting to build your career in Web Development.

Why? BRANDians is the right place to learn Web Development

As we are a digital firm for the last decade and possess expertise in the local and international digital market of Karachi, Pakistan. Brandians would be the right place to complete your certification of the WEB DEVELOPMENT course because we are offering the overall package of a Web Development complete course at international standards and requirements.

Web Development is a very wide network and plays like a key door to your business to pitch in a better way to communicate with the audience. Why you may choose us for this course? Because we have a proper design course of recent development to explore more about Web Development, you can skill up another extraordinary need of today’s digital market.

We offer web development certification that will help you in your job hunt and polish your skills for further growth in your career; you can also start remote work after learning Web Development; we are here to guide you and prepare you for a better tomorrow.

If you are interested in learning web development from the initial stage, then do not wait for a second to click this link and fill out the form to enroll; we have very limited seats.

  • Tiers: 4

  • Duration: 3 Months

  • Time Flexibility

  • Professional Instructors

  • Professional Certification

  • Premium Assets

  • Resume Preparation

  • Hand-on Labs

Before: 45,600

Skills you'll learn

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript


  • BootStrap 4

  • Angular JS

Reasons to Enroll

  • Learn on latest modules.

  • Job-ready certification.

  • Valuable deliverables.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement.

  • Basic level English.

  • Mid-level computer operating skills.


  • Introduction

  • Editors

  • Headings

  • Paragraphs

  • HTML Comments

  • Type of CSS

  • Positioning

  • Introduction About Hexadecimal Color Codes

  • Difference Between px, rem, em and Percentage

  • Formatting

  • Organizing Page Content

  • Table in Html5

  • HTML Links

  • HTML Images

  • HTML Lists

  • Generic Elements (div and span)

  • Class and Id differences

  • Multi Pages in Html

  • Navigation Bar in Html

  • Html Forms Elements and attributes

  • Some Special Characters

  • Development of Simple Html Template

  • Development of Simple Html5 Complete Static Website

  • A Window in a Window (iframe)

  • Html5 Template tags

  • Audio and Video tags

  • Google map

  • Create Linear Gradient

  • Create Radial Gradient

  • HTML5 Forms

  • New Input Types

  • Autocomplete

  • No Validate

  • Validation in HTML5

  • HTML5 New Form Field Attribute

  • HTML5 Geo Locations

  • CSS 3 Advance Topics

  • CSS 3 animation

  • CSS 3 transition

  • CSS 3 gradients

  • CSS 3 menus

  • HTML JavaScript

  • Client Side Scripting

  • Function In JavaScript

  • Conditions Statements

  • Loops

  • Built-in Functions

  • Events and Objects

  • Validating JavaScript

  • Form Validation using JavaScript

  • jQuery Introduction

  • jQuery Get Started

  • jQuery Syntax

  • jQuery Selectors

  • jQuery Events

  • jQuery Hide/Show

  • jQuery Fade

  • jQuery Slide

  • jQuery Animate

  • jQuery stop()

  • jQuery Callback

  • jQuery Chaining

  • jQuery Get

  • jQuery Set

  • jQuery Add

  • jQuery Remove

  • jQuery CSS Classes

  • jQuery css()

  • jQuery Dimensions

  • What is Twitter Bootstrap 4

  • Why use Bootstrap

  • Bootstrap download and CDN

  • Grid Layout

  • Column Ordering

  • Cross Axis And Main axis

  • Flex

  • Buttons

  • Links

  • Responsive Layout

  • Image classes

  • Responsive Table

  • Pills Navbar

  • Button size

  • Responsive Form

  • Fontawesome

  • Angular JS History

  • Angular JS Reference

  • ng-app

  • ng-bind

  • ng-blur

  • ng-bind-html

  • ng-change

  • ng-class-even

  • ng-class-even

  • ng-class-odd

  • ng-click

  • ng-app Directive

  • ng-init Directive

  • ng-model Directive

  • Repeating HTML Elements

  • Number

  • String

  • Objects

  • array

  • Modules

  • Controllers

  • One-way binding

  • Two-way binding

  • Display with order By Filter

Why get a certificate?

Getting a certificate shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. You can also add the qualification to your CV, and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Being awarded a certificate shows you have strong digital skills and that you're motivated to learn: two essential qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

Improving your digital knowledge can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

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Students Testimonials

Javeria Khan


I am so glad that I enrolled in this certification. I learned many new things and liked the instructor’s teaching style. I can’t wait to begin the next course in this certification.

Asad Ali


I feel blessed after getting enrolled in Brandians academy. It couldn’t be any better. Everything went smoothly. The trainer was cooperative and taught so well.

Abdullah Khan


I was so distracted by the plenty of information available on the internet. I was unable to decide where to start form. This course enabled me to start exploring and learning the right way. Thankful to the trainer for his teaching me so beautifully.