Seo Certificate Program

In order to generate greater website traffic, search results must be optimized. Many internet marketers do not have a thorough understanding of SEO, and even those who do face difficulty executing their strategies in a way that produces the desired results. This short course covers all of the core concepts of SEO to equip participants with the skills and a clear understanding of how to make their SEO campaign effective.

Starting from: January 2023

About this Course

Brandians SEO course is going to help you for the improvement of the organic ranking of any website over the search engines. It is as simple as we explain the procedure of creating SEO-friendly websites to proceed with the unpaid SEO ranking. The current course will guide you to learn about the recent practices of search engines such as google, yahoo, and Bing to make you understand on-page and off-page optimization, image optimization, guest blogging posting, interesting news, specifically google guidelines and algorithms, and other factors of SEO. The course will help you understand the overall SEO process, and you can become certified as an SEO expert within a few months.

Our SEO Course is Designed for the Beginners and SEO Professionals

Our course will help you at every stage for learning something more about SEO, whether you are a starting champ, a student, or already working in any firm in which you can utilize your capabilities of SEO training. You can enhance your learning and the badge of SEO training in your CV.

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This course will help you in your small business as well to rank your social media, webpages on your own by ranking your portal up in the search engines to get a more and accurate audience. You can learn all the facts regarding new trends and working ways for optimizing the website and making it according to search engines’ current policies of google, yahoo, and Bing.

There are lots of new developments in the area in the past few months so you can grab every new thing at your ease by joining our program of SEO weekend training classes. We will guide you about every strategy to compete with your online and offline competitors to obtain the best results in your favor.

Learning about SEO strategies at BRANDians’ Institute will provide the latest information about making your website visible in search results to obtain your business goals. In a simple explanation, you can reach maximum outcomes from your online business portal to increase organic traffic. Our training course includes the overall requirement of SEO such as white hat SEO, technical SEO, content marketing, content strategy, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and last but not least Link building.

Build Your Career with Our Best Online SEO Course

Our SEO crash course will guide you to build your career professionally and help you become self-employed as a freelancer. We have highly qualified and working professionals as trainers who possess over 16 years of experience in the Information Technology sector. Our trainer will share some current working experience and ongoing projects of optimization to help you learn more about Search Engine Optimization of live content.

If you are a student, you have a golden chance to build your career in the digital world of changing pace every second, you can now develop your career in this field by learning an essential area of SEO. We will explore local and international markets to find running trends in our course to focus on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) indeed, which includes background information about SEO audit reports, on-page, off-page, front link, or specially backlink strategies.

SEO is the key to bring up your web portal to a high ranking with the help of different strategies. As you complete our SEO certificate course, you will be awarded the proper certification of the training and that will include another badge in your CV, helping you in hunting for a job, becoming an expert, or becoming a freelancer.

Learn How to Improve Traffic on your Webpage

In our training, you will learn about all the aspects of organic segmentized traffic ranks on top high pages of search engines. Every click on your website is known as organic traffic unless you have not paid for it, and these click lead your webpages to top ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). The advantage of the top ranking will bring more people to visit your web portal to boost your business and we will teach you about which and how keywords on Google impact SEO.

We will further explore how these factors will take your webpage to the top ranking altogether, organic traffic also increases the rank in search engine and allow more people to visit your website. In organic traffic, your website works more efficiently and pursues more people to visit as the trusted place. In our SEO training, you will learn about how unpaid traffic is considered the most loyal and valuable visitor to particular websites. Organic traffic through SEO strategies is inexpensive with more impact on increasing business.

Info about Our SEO Trainer

We have a top SEO expert in Karachi as our trainer, possessing over 16 years of experience in a similar field. Our SEO trainer is one the best SEO trainer and experts in Karachi city; we are lucky to have him as our trainer. He is also running his own IT company of digital marketing, and also provides services of SEO to other clients around the globe.

We are pleased to get him on the board to teach you about more recent practices of the google search engine to obtain better results. He is also teaching other students at his institute and has already trained thousands of students in past years locally and internationally online through web portals.

Why? BRANDians for SEO Marketing Course

Brandians academy is one of the best training academies in Karachi, Pakistan. We offer a complete package of SEO courses for beginners to professionals. You will get trained and learn new things about Search Engine Optimization, how to bring traffic, and rank up your web pages as the top page in search engines.

We will guide you on the hunt for a job and train you on how to attend your interview, how to become a freelancer, and so on towards improving your CV. We will make you eligible for the fast-pacing IT sector in various courses we are offering as well. You can see other courses here (link to the home page where there are other courses).

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  • Tiers: 10

  • Duration: 3 Months

  • Time Flexibility

  • Professional Instructors

  • Professional Certification

  • Premium Assets

  • Resume Preparation

  • Hand-on Labs

Before: 39,600

Skills you'll learn

  • Domain Searching and Hosting

  • Keyword Research Basics

  • The Search Engines

  • SEO Tools

  • Domain Selection

  • Content Optimization

  • SEO Updates

  • Off-Page Optimization

  • Link Building Concepts

  • Social Media Activities

Reasons to Enroll

  • Agency-Level SEO knowledge.

  • Job-ready certification.

  • Valuable deliverables.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement.

  • Basic level English.

  • Mid-level computer operating skills.


  • What is domain

  • How to buy domain in low cost

  • What is a hosting

  • How to buy hosting in low cost

  • Step By step guide to finding keywords for your site

  • How to find keywords using Google keyword planner, semrush and kwfinder ∙ Understanding search intent in keywords

  • What is a Search Engine

  • Understanding and reading search engine results page

  • Web Analytics Tools

  • Web Master Tools

  • What is the difference between crawling and indexing?

  • Different Between domain and URL

  • SEO friendly URL

  • What is domain authority?

  • What is page authority?

  • Google’s page rank

  • Create Title and Meta

  • Create Description

  • Create a blog

  • Add to URL Search Engine

  • Understanding content optimization

  • Essentials of writing a SEO friendly blog post

  • Step-by-step guide to on-page SEO of a blog post

  • Avoid Duplicate Content

  • Difference between Do-follow and No-follow links ∙ ∙ ∙ Do-follow and No-follow links tools

  • SEO Algorithm Updates

  • SEO panda update

  • SEO penguin update

  • Blog comment

  • Article Submission

  • Press Release Submission

  • Forum Submission

  • Social Bookmarking Submission

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google +

Why get a certificate?

Getting a certificate shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. You can also add the qualification to your CV, and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Being awarded a certificate shows you have strong digital skills and that you're motivated to learn: two essential qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

Improving your digital knowledge can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

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Students Testimonials

Javeria Khan


I am so glad that I enrolled in this certification. I learned many new things and liked the instructor’s teaching style. I can’t wait to begin the next course in this certification.

Asad Ali


I feel blessed after getting enrolled in Brandians academy. It couldn’t be any better. Everything went smoothly. The trainer was cooperative and taught so well.

Abdullah Khan


I was so distracted by the plenty of information available on the internet. I was unable to decide where to start form. This course enabled me to start exploring and learning the right way. Thankful to the trainer for his teaching me so beautifully.