Php With Mysql Advance Certificate Program

PHP is a scripting language used on websites, and if you're looking for a career in web design or web scripting, you'll need to know it. This course will give you advanced knowledge of PHP.

Starting from: January 2023

About this Course

The PHP with MySQL training is related to coding and Brandians has offered comprehensive training to write codes in PHP. We have included MySQL to explore integrating databases into your PHP projects to make learning easy in dynamic user-driven functionality.

Our best PHP course starts with the basics, including variable declaration and output data. The lessons then transition to working with objects, conditional statements, loops, functions, arrays, form validation, and sorting, and ensuring you learn at your best levels.

After learning about the PHP section, we will train you to unleash the true potential of page development with MySQL database integration. This course starts with table creation and user management, and from there, we progress into usually used SQL statements for database management. Become the Future Developer With Preeminent Skills

Moreover, you will learn how to generate database connections and execute SQL statements straight from PHP scripts. We have a very secure coding style that keeps script security, and execution effectiveness in mind.

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Who Should learn PHP and MySQL?

In today’s technological era, everything is evolving around databases; if we talk about the metaverse, again, you will find the digital creation of an online world is based on databases. You can learn this course if you want to compete in the future; it is the essential door to the end to learn it now. We suggest that you must be in the computer sciences field or a professional in the IT sector for this course and training. This course will help you to enhance your career in the digital world.

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Scope of PHP Developer

If you are planning to work in PHP and are worried about its scope in the future. Observing the current leanings, we can promise you a good future for PHP. However, in this technical era, no one technology is constant. But if you want to select a better option, we recommend you choose PHP.

Salary of PHP developers in Pakistan.

When you survey the salary in different companies, one company pays 8 lacs annually with experience of around 2 years, and another pays just 5 lacs annually to employ someone of the same experience. The average 5 to 8 years of experienced PHP developer salary in Pakistan is Rs. 1046000 per annum.

Why? BRANDians for PHP Course for Beginners

Brandians academy is one of the best training academies in Karachi, Pakistan. We offer a complete package of PHP full course. You will get trained and learn new things about complete PHP course with bootstrap3 cms system & admin panel.

We will guide you on the hunt for a job and train you on how to attend your interview, how to become a freelancer, and so on towards improving your CV. We will make you eligible for the fast-pacing IT sector in various courses we are offering as well. You can see other courses here (link to the home page where there are other courses).

  • Tiers: 3

  • Duration: 3 Months

  • Time Flexibility

  • Professional Instructors

  • Professional Certification

  • Premium Assets

  • Resume Preparation

  • Hand-on Labs

Before: 45,600

Skills you'll learn

  • PHP

  • JSON

  • Ajax with PHP

  • MySQL Database

  • JQuery Basics with Example & Selectors

Reasons to Enroll

  • Learn on latest modules.

  • Job-ready certification.

  • Valuable deliverables.

Entry Requirements

  • No minimum age requirement.

  • Basic level English.

  • Mid-level computer operating skills.


  • Websites

  • Types of websites

  • Types of scripting

  • Difference between server-side and client-side scripting

  • PHP: The big picture

  • Installation and management of PHP

  • Syntax, Strings, Variables, Data types (variants) Operators Constants

  • Storing text as strings

  • Joining strings

  • Doing calculations with PHP

  • Basic String Function

  • Making decisions with conditions and comparisons

  • Using switch statements and the ternary operator

  • Using loops for repetitive actions

  • Array, Types of Array

  • Array Sorting

  • Storing multiple values in arrays

  • Looping through the contents of an array

  • Forms, Form Elements

  • Post data using Get and Post Method

  • MySQL Database

  • MySQL Connect

  • MySQL Create DB

  • MySQL Create Table

  • MySQL Insert Data

  • MySQL Select Data

  • MySQL Delete Data

  • MySQL Update Data

  • MySQL Limit Data

  • Connecting with MySQL database

  • Mysql_query, mysql_fetch_array, mysql_fetch_assoc_array commands

  • Display data from database

  • Using the built-in functions of PHP

  • Understanding PHP documentation

  • Creating custom functions

  • Including external files

  • Passing values by reference to a function

  • Session management

  • Create simple login and logout system using session

  • Create a custom CMS (Front end , Back end)

  • CMS contain dynamic menu, pages, and categories.

  • User management in CMS

  • Handling radio button groups

  • Handling single checkboxes

  • Handling checkbox groups

  • Handling select menus

  • Handling multiple-choice lists

  • Eliminating unwanted backslashes

  • How PHP sends email

  • Displaying error messages conditionally

  • Making sure required fields aren't blank

  • Preserving user input when a form is incomplete

  • Adding headers and automating the reply address

  • Building the message body

  • Sending the email

  • Using PHP's email functions

  • Sending simple emails

  • Sending HTML emails

  • Working with web forms

  • ∙ Connect MySQL database using PDO

  • Ajax Overview

  • Ajax on the Server

  • Ajax on the Client

  • HTTP Request and Response Fundamentals

  • The XMLHttpRequest Object

  • XMLHttpRequest Methods

  • XMLHttpRequest Properties

  • Cross-Browser Usage

  • Sending a Request to the Server

  • Basic Ajax Example

  • Bringing in the Ajax: GET vs. POST

  • Passing Values

  • Client-Driven Communication, Server-Side Processing

  • Basic Examples

  • Expanding and Contracting Content

  • Auto-Complete

  • Form Validation

  • Tool Tips

  • JSON, Ajax and PHP

  • Intro

  • Creating first object

  • Overloading with Magic Methods

  • Understanding PHP classes and objects

  • Deciphering error messages

  • Accessing classes without instantiation

  • Class relationships and interactions

  • Built-in PHP objects

  • Design Patterns

  • Web Services Technology Stack

  • Web Services with PHP

  • Working with PHP and WSDL

  • PHP and SOAP

  • Debugging Web Services

  • REST vs SOAP

  • Consuming Services

  • Creating Services

  • Debugging RESTful Web Services

  • Finding packages on PEAR

  • Installing PEAR packages

  • Updating PEAR packages

  • Uninstalling PEAR packages

  • Basic introduction of MVC

  • Some basic examples of MVC pattern in PHP

  • Advantage of using Framework

  • Introducing CodeIgniter Framework

  • Create first project with Code Igniter Framework

  • Active Record Class:

  • Insert Data

  • Client Side Validation

  • RegExp

  • Server side validation

  • Captcha image verification

  • Active Record Class:

  • Selecting Data

  • Session

  • Email system

  • Active Record Class:

  • Method Chaining- Deleting Data

  • Database Normalization

  • Active Record Class:

  • Updating Data

  • Database relationship

  • Database Model Description

  • Basic database design concept

  • CodeIgniter Methods

  • CodeIgniter Classes

  • Lecture on secure path SSL

  • Email Manager

  • Include file & file upload

  • PayPal Standard


  • About jQuery

  • How jQuery Works

  • jQuery: The Basics

  • Launching Code and Complete Examples

  • LUsing selectors and events

  • Selectors

  • Basics & Hierarchy

  • Basic, Content, Visibility, Attribute & Child Filters

  • Forms & Form Filters

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Students Testimonials

Javeria Khan


I am so glad that I enrolled in this certification. I learned many new things and liked the instructor’s teaching style. I can’t wait to begin the next course in this certification.

Asad Ali


I feel blessed after getting enrolled in Brandians academy. It couldn’t be any better. Everything went smoothly. The trainer was cooperative and taught so well.

Abdullah Khan


I was so distracted by the plenty of information available on the internet. I was unable to decide where to start form. This course enabled me to start exploring and learning the right way. Thankful to the trainer for his teaching me so beautifully.