Freelance Certificate Program

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Starting from: January 2023

About this Course

The course is designed to explore different tactics and tips to hunt work in freelancing most easily and simply. The dos and don’ts will be explained to you in our freelancing training. You must be aware of everything that how to snatch work from international freelancing portals. We will deeply explore platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and so on. We have the expertise to enhance your ability to teach you most brilliantly by using these platforms, you can earn a better amount if you are already a freelancer. Though, the course will describe everything from scratch to advanced, learning and earning is our motive to deliver.

There are lots of web portals are providing a platform through which online work can be acquired, LinkedIn, Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc.

We have considered every aspect for you to determine the best training that help you out in this fast-pacing digital world.

Who Should Learn Freelance Course?

Anyone can learn this course, especially those who want to enter into profitable and rewarding self-earning as freelance.

A person who wants to earn online income part-time or full-time to fulfill his expenses.

And of course, you want this training if you want to leave your 9 to 5 job and earn a handsome amount with freedom and become your own boss.

Also, those can join who have already tried their luck on freelancing but are unable to get their desired success.

If you are now getting interested then do not wait for a second to fill out our registration form, get enrolled NOW, Click the link for registration as we have limited seats

Few things to Remember

You do not need to be professional in the field to become a freelancer, though your expertise count and is valuable to hire. The Internet is full of freelancing platforms with so many web pages, in this digital era, things are getting different. People are looking for hybrid jobs instead of their 9 to 5 routine, new entrants are entering the market as entrepreneurs. These people are looking for a certain need in web development, graphic designing, and also social media marketing and management. Such newly formed businessmen need people to work for them, so the business owner searches for freelancers to get his work done.

Therefore, you must prepare yourself at your level best to hunt work from these online platforms. You can get your expertise and become self-employed after getting trained by our academy.

About Fiverr

Fiverr is an online web portal that allows you to get connected with international clients to produce work for them. There are lots of business owners who are searching for freelancers’ services for various needs, digital projects, web designing, content writing, Voice-overs, graphic designing, video editing, and so on you name it.

This website provides interactions among business owners and freelancers to meet online through a streamlined method. Always keep in mind that on this freelance platform, freelancers are known as sellers of their services and display gigs to the buyers, business owners are known as buyers. Therefore you must learn freelancing to prepare your first gig with the most attractive approach that the buyers would like and get you hired.

This portal is a bit easy because instead of sending out bids, sellers can sign up for free and list their gigs with the proper pricing and samples. While buyers can browse the different categories to make purchases and hire a freelancer.

When the buyer is interested in any gig and finalized to purchase decision, the system automatically charges the amount you mentioned and puts the money on hold. After delivering the work Fiverr charges its commission fee to the system and 80% of the price offered will directly pay to the seller.

This web portal works almost the same but could be more critical and more user-friendly due to spamming clients and freelancers. You can sign up for free as a freelancer or business owner, it requires a form for registration just fill it out, and you are in.

They arrange online contests for visual graphics, video editing, or design work that provide benefits to the freelancers to hunt work as well as earn money online with reviews on their profiles. This platform also takes its commission of 10%, and the rest of the 90% goes to the freelancer.


This is also a great website that connects both businessmen and freelancers around the globe. The portal provides a wide range of work in web designing, software development, accounting services, customer services, and so on.

The system they provide works on both sides; clients can hire the required talent while freelancer can offer their services to the job board and offer the sale.

The same procedure of every freelance website is to fill out the registration form and put in all the required details and get registered. Do keep in mind that clients will judge your credibility and qualification through the profile in which you are pitching your projects.

Upwork payment scales are developed on a sliding technique, the more you work and the less you pay to the system. However, $500 is the minimum starting amount to withdraw which will be charged 20%, after that the payment amount will gradually reduce. There are several easy options to withdraw your cash and remember your cash is secure on every trusted platform, Upwork is one of them.

After learning about some high-rank websites of freelancing, we are here to describe you for your freelance course outline.

Learn it now and make a difference in your earnings.

Freelance course outline

  • Set goals

  • Select an in-demand skill

  • Sign up as a freelancer at various different platforms

  • Create and manage an effective profile on freelance platforms

  • Search for the right projects

  • Write a winning proposal

  • Manage a project once it is awarded

  • Communicate with the client effectively

  • Manage project payments (escrow, invoicing system)

  • Retain positive feedback

  • Retain existing clients

  • Use Forum and Communities

  • Manage portfolio

  • Tiers: 5

  • Duration: 3 Months

  • Time Flexibility

  • Professional Instructors

  • Professional Certification

  • Premium Assets

  • Resume Preparation

  • Hand-on Labs

Before: 39,600

Why get a certificate?

Getting a certificate shows employers that you have a clear understanding of the core concepts of digital marketing. You can also add the qualification to your CV, and easily upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Being awarded a certificate shows you have strong digital skills and that you're motivated to learn: two essential qualities in the workplace. Demonstrating these qualities can help improve your chances of finding the job you want.

Improving your digital knowledge can help you find a job, get promoted, or start a whole new career.

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Students Testimonials

Javeria Khan


I am so glad that I enrolled in this certification. I learned many new things and liked the instructor’s teaching style. I can’t wait to begin the next course in this certification.

Asad Ali


I feel blessed after getting enrolled in Brandians academy. It couldn’t be any better. Everything went smoothly. The trainer was cooperative and taught so well.

Abdullah Khan


I was so distracted by the plenty of information available on the internet. I was unable to decide where to start form. This course enabled me to start exploring and learning the right way. Thankful to the trainer for his teaching me so beautifully.